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Punch Back

As I type this, things are tense around Kahovka, Ukraine, and House of Joy. Kahovka is in Kherson state, which was quickly occupied by the Russian army at the end of February as the war began. Apparently, Ukraine has mounted a counter-offensive in an effort to drive the invaders out. This has meant multiple explosions around Kahovka this week.

We have heard from so many of you expressing your support and prayer for the people of Ukraine. Our hearts are grateful. Please continue. Although the US media has greatly reduced coverage, the war rages on. Believe with us for a quick end to this all. The disruption to life is catastrophic, let alone all of the senseless loss of life. This has hit so close to home with almost everyone we work with in Ukraine.

The staff at House of Joy are essentially trapped in their location because of enemy army occupation. For some, this means separation from family and loved ones. In many instances, the Russian soldiers do not have what they need so they break in and take what they need or want. I am cautious about what I say because we are not anti-Russian people. We are anti-war! As I’ve often stated, it is generally governments that create war, not the people.

Meanwhile, the churches we support are continuing to amaze us with their constant care for, and ministry to their people, approximately 6 million of whom are displaced from their homes. We are continuing to send the financial support directly to them, so they have the resources to meet their ever-present needs. We again express our thanks for every prayer prayed and every dollar given.

I mentioned earlier that the term counter-offensive, a counter offense is a large-scale military offensive undertaken by a force previously on the defensive. Has an attack by the enemy in your life put you on the defensive? If so, launch a counter-offensive!

My Dad taught us, boys, we had better never start a fight or we would be in big trouble. But he also taught us that if someone hits you, don’t let them beat you up but, punch back. I cannot predict the effect of a Ukrainian counter-offensive. ButI can predict the results of you and me countering every move of Satan with the power of God’s Word and the authority of the name which is above every name, JESUS! PUNCH BACK!


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