our focus

Our vision is to proclaim the light of God’s Word to those held in spiritual darkness. To awaken the hope of healing through the power of His name. To encourage and equip His people. To assist the poor, the orphan, and the widow.

Our purpose is to bring hope to the hearts of people in areas where hope has grown dim. We have three areas of focus through these 30+ years: church planting, church development, and humanitarian relief through various social programs. No amount of material relief can provide true and lasting hope. That alone comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, when the two can be combined, one has a powerful platform to meet the true needs of humanity.

Serving Others

In addition to serving children through orphan care, we provide resources to feed the needy in Israel, especially new immigrants. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2022 we have been providing resources of food, shelter, and transportation for many among the 6 million Ukrainians displaced within their own borders.

The goal for a new church plant is to become a healthy spiritual force, reaching its community and beyond. This requires a commitment to training disciples and leaders.  Our video driven Bible School program is a key component of our in church training. For 30 years we have partnered with OneHope to facilitate millions of students receiving God’s Word. www.onehope.net

We made our first journey into the former Soviet Union in the early 1990’s. Our primary focus quickly became church planting. We have been privileged to participate in seeing 206 new churches planted. Our main source of training has been video formatted Bible Schools established in the local churches.

In 2005, at the request of officials in Ukraine, we opened House of Joy orphanage. Nearly 200 children have been lovingly cared for during these years. The current crisis has presented great hardship, but, as of today, all of the current 49 residents are healthy and well cared for.