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Church in Times of War

Many have wondered how the churches in Ukraine are faring during the war. The following article was written for us by a very close friend, Pastor Maksym Bilousov. I think his faith-filled words say it best. Twenty-five years ago, we began ministering alongside Pastor Maksym and his beautiful wife Yulia in Ukraine. They have two adult children, Paul and Tanya. They pastor a dynamic church, Dnipro Christian Church, which is one of the numerous churches in Ukraine we are providing regular financial support for them to have resources to meet the needs of many Ukrainians displaced by the war inside Ukraine. There are millions. During the war, their church basement provided lodging to many families fleeing the atrocity of war. We again express our gratitude to all of you who continue to help us provide much-needed aid. Along with the physical aid, the greatest gift is being shared, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A CHURCH FOR THIS TIME by Maksym Bilousov

We are five months into the war now. One thing I can be sure of – the Church in Ukraine will never be the same again. My name is Maksym Bilousov, pastor of Dnipro Christian Church.


REAL FAITH. Sometimes faith feels like you are shoved out of the nest, and you fall. You know you are supposed to be flying, but it sure feels like falling. That’s when your real faith in the living god is tested. During the war, we have learned to exercise faith when all the circumstances are obviously against it. Confronting fears with faith makes your faith grow stronger and your fears grow weaker. That’s the law.

REAL PRAYER. We have never prayed as much as we’ve been praying for the last months. Our normal day starts at 6 am with coffee and personal devotion.

  • 7 am – 7:30 am– our church ZOOM prayer meeting.
  • 8 am – 9 am– my wife meets online with 14 other Kingdom leaders from all over the country.
  • 10 am – Noon four times a week we meet in the church with our SWAT Prayer Team
  • 8pm – 9 pm– our church ZOOM prayer meeting.

Also, there is a group of 46 prayer warriors who pray 24/7. To say nothing of countless spontaneous prayers, worship sessions… you name it. And, that’s the picture of almost every local church in Ukraine these days.

REAL UNITY. Across denominations – no one fights with one another when the tangible enemy is at the doorstep.“Jews and gentiles, Protestants and Catholics would be able to join hands…” it has all come alive!

REAL SERVICE. Many of our men and women are in the military, and many have volunteered to help refugees. GoodSamaritans are real today! Now I know it for sure.

REAL NEEDS MET. All of our immediate needs have been met. I mean all! From day one our friends from other countries started sending funds and aid enabling us to serve the refugees. The Body of Christ is real and beautiful. I want to thank especially our brothers and sisters in the United States. You have given us more than anybody else, it feels like you’ve given us yourselves.

I am dreaming of the day when many of you come to Ukraine and help us rebuild. City by city. Soul by soul. And until then, let’s hold the rank.


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