Humanitarian Relief

In 1995 we registered with the Ukrainian government as a humanitarian fund under the name International Humanitarian Fund Reach the Children. The first shipment of three large shipping containers filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars value of medical supplies arrived in Ukraine in the fall of 1995.

We honor a man, Frances Galloway, who largely was responsible for helping us begin this compassionate method of helping others. This dimension of our organization has opened doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed. This includes being invited to North Korea.

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Scripture commands us to help those less fortunate. (See Psalm 41) Our goal is to be obedient to this command and follow the example of Jesus. The relief work has often been done beside Ukrainian churches, asking them to join in distributing the aid, as this elevates their image in the community where they serve.

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Church Plants

We made our first journey into the former Soviet Union in the early 1990’s. Our primary focus quickly became church planting. We saw thousands of people respond in evangelistic crusades, yet often we would be left feeling empty, as there were few churches for the people to attend, enabling them to grow in their new faith.

Our mission became clear: Plant churches and put tools in their hands that will help them grow into a healthy, self sustaining, growing Body of Believers. It is not difficult to start a church. The greater chanllenge is to see it develop to a place where it reaches its own people and others. This is evangelism brought to fruition. Therefore, our church planting efforts focus on:

Training Pastors and Leaders

We have three venues to help equip pastors and church leaders:
• The Bible School program
• We helped establish the Missionary Training Center in Kiev with Pastor Valeriy Reshetinsky. The center focuses on equipping emerging church leaders with tools to plant new churches.
• We sponsor periodic conferences to minister to the pastors and their wives. The conferences are generally hosted at a retreat center where the pastors and wives can relax and be treated a little bit extra special. In addition to teaching, we bless them with material and financial gifts. They deserve to be honored, as many of them minister in very difficult circumstances.

Giving Financial Assistance

Prior to the beginning of a new church a demographic and spiritual study of the community is conducted. The new pastor regularly reports to the church leadership. We commit to give financial support for the new church for one year. After one year we believe for them to be self supporting by teaching and practicing the principles of tithing, giving and alms (giving to the poor). The principles of God’s Word work in any country no matter its condition.

Helping the Poor

One of the most effective tools in helping a church is through touching their own community with humanitarian relief. You can read more on the humanitarian page.

Bible Schools

The goal for a new church plant is to become a healthy spiritual force, reaching its community and beyond. This requires a commitment to training disciples and leaders. We believe this includes systematic training at the local level.

To assist this process we have, at various intervals, established over 300 DVD formatted Bible schools in various countries. The material stays with the local church leaders. Once a Bible school has graduated a class, a new class can begin, as need presents itself. These schools are vital to the spiritual development and life of the local church. We are grateful to International School of Ministry, which has provided us with about 170 hours of dynamic teaching. In addition to this we have developed some of our own.

The primary area of emphasis for church planting and development has been in Ukraine and Israel. Nevertheless, we have had the privilege of using the Bible schools for spiritual training in: Russia, Moldova, Romania, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, and Turkey.

In addition to the Bible schools, we partnered in founding the Missionary Training Center with Pastor Valeriy Reshetinskiy in Kiev, Ukraine.


As we witness the fulfillment of Bible prophesy and the Jewish people returning to their homeland in the last days, Israel’s populace has become 20% Russian speaking. Because of our extensive work with Russian-speaking people groups for over 20 years,we began in Israel in 1999 among immigrant Russian Jewish congregations, establishing Bible schools via DVD format. The Bible school program also trains people in Israel using Hebrew, English, and French, as well.

Our focus in Israel is:

  • Strengthen the existing church, which includes establishing Bible schools, conferences, and ministry in the churches
  • Supporting new congregations in Beit Shean and Afula (church planting)
  • Humanitarian efforts, most recently by purchasing a truck whereby supplies can be delivered to those in need, especially Jewish people immigrating to Israel. These efforts are in partnership with the local church.
  • Sponsoring events for Jewish Holocaust Survivors

Holy Land Tours

We would like to invite you to join us for a tour of Israel. These tours are complete tours with a Messianic Israeli guide. The tours are usually 10 days in length. We visit many of the most famous locations in the Bible. We journey from Caeserea by the Sea, to Mount Carmel, Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and Masada. Our journeys conclude in Jerusalem where you will walk the Via Dolorosa, visit the Wailing (Western) Wall, journey to Golgotha, and conclude with a moving Communion service at the Garden Tomb.An additional highlight is that we generally worship on the Sabbath with one of the congregations in Israel with whom we partner in ministry.

For information on our next Holy Land Tour please contact us at:
Tel. 918-494-7772

Orphan Care

In the fall of 2004, officials from the city of Kahovka, Ukraine contacted us requesting help establishing an orphanage in their city. None existed. We felt we were to do this. In September 2005, House of Joy opened its doors. This has been one of the most enjoyable journeys we have yet experienced. The children instantly found their way into our hearts. First, five children arrived and were soon followed by more, at one point reaching a capacity of 51 children, the most that law would allow.

Today, House of Joy is a beautiful, warm facility with seven floors, including a new kitchen and laundry facility. We have a soccer field with synthetic turf. Twice our boys’ team has won the city championship.

House of Joy exists because of the generosity of many people. It is truly a team effort, including a staff of 28 people. The purpose for the existence of House of Joy goes beyond providing shelter and clothing. It exists to help these beautiful young people know that God has a plan for their lives, and they are valuable and beautiful in our sight and in God’s eyes.

House of Joy soccer field with the orphanage in the background

The House of Joy “We Are A Family” video below shows the condition of the building when we first began remodeling. The first images show photos of underground street children, followed by alternating images of the building prior to renovation and after renovation.

“The House of Joy Children Interviews” video below shows the Summer Camp we have every June for the children. The opening images are of the first day of camp, spent at an amusement park. Next, you will view some of the beautiful House of Joy teens and hear their thoughts as well as those of our Assistant Director.