As we witness the fulfillment of Bible prophesy and the Jewish people returning to their homeland in the last days, Israel’s populace has become 20% Russian speaking. Because of our extensive work with Russian-speaking people groups for over 20 years,we began in Israel in 1999 among immigrant Russian Jewish congregations, establishing Bible schools via DVD format. The Bible school program also trains people in Israel using Hebrew, English, and French, as well.

Our focus in Israel is:

  • Strengthen the existing church, which includes establishing Bible schools, conferences, and ministry in the churches
  • Supporting new congregations in Beit Shean and Afula (church planting)
  • Humanitarian efforts, most recently by purchasing a truck whereby supplies can be delivered to those in need, especially Jewish people immigrating to Israel. These efforts are in partnership with the local church.
  • Sponsoring events for Jewish Holocaust Survivors