In 1995 we registered with the Ukrainian government as a humanitarian fund under the name International Humanitarian Fund Reach the Children. The first shipment of three large shipping containers filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars value of medical supplies arrived in Ukraine in the fall of 1995.

We honor a man, Frances Galloway, who largely was responsible for helping us begin this compassionate method of helping others. This dimension of our organization has opened doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed. This includes being invited to North Korea.

Contact us if you would like to be involved with one of our humanitarian projects.

Scripture commands us to help those less fortunate. (See Psalm 41) Our goal is to be obedient to this command and follow the example of Jesus. The relief work has often been done beside churches particularly in Ukraine and Israel, asking them to join in distributing the aid, as this elevates their image in the community where they serve. Other humanitarian endeavors have been done in conjunction with local government and the Department of Education.

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