17th Anniversary

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Awesome worship today at Dnepropetrovsk Christian Center (Ukraine), celebrating the 17th Anniversary of this growing, vibrant church. You are touching your city and far beyond. Well done Pastor Maxim Belousova and Julia Belousova!!


Clean Clothes

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Thank you Sergey Inglet for installing the new dryer at House of Joy today. Grateful for a commercial grade one for our new little ones. Now their clothes are dry in an hour and not a day.

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House of Joy

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House of Joy orphanage, is pictured here, in Kahovka, Ukraine. We were just notified by the Ukrainian government that we will be welcoming 33 new children in TWO DAYS, most of whom are orphans. The ages are pre-school through 7th grade. Although we are very excited about the opportunity to serve these children, it will be a bit overwhelming to the staff at first. So, prayers for them are deeply appreciated. We have never received close to this many children at one time, but these are interesting times in Ukraine.

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House of Joy Summer Camp

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We are anticipating a great House of Joy Summer Camp the week of June 15th. This is our most anticipated annual event for the children. This camp is going to be one of great significance, given all of the political unrest and conflict occurring in Ukraine. At this moment, the hostilities are spreading. We deeply appreciate your prayers for this nation which God stamped on our hearts over twenty years ago. 

In past years we have taken friends from American churches to conduct the camp. They have all been extremely successful. This year, because of the conflict, we are not taking an American team. Pam and I will conduct the camp with a great team of very capable Ukrainians. Thank you to our ministry partners whose generosity makes it happen!



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