In starting a new church the goal is to see it become a practical spiritual force in reaching its community. For this to occur, there must be a commitment to training disciples and leaders. We believe this includes systematic training at the local level.

To do this, through the years, and by God’s grace, we have established about 300 DVD formatted Bible schools in various countries. The material stays with the local church leaders. Once a Bible school has graduated a class, a new class begins as need presents itself. These schools are vital to the spiritual development and life of the local church. We are grateful to International School of Ministry which has provided us with about 170 hours of dynamic teaching.

The primary area of emphasis for church planting and development has been in Ukraine & Israel. Nevertheless, we have had the privilege of using the Bible schools to train believers for the work of the ministry in: Russia, Moldova, Romania, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, and Turkey.

In addition to the Bible schools, we co-founded the Missionary Training Center with Pastor Valeriy Reshetinskiy in Kiev, Ukraine.